Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rails ActsAsList - Initializing position Values

Recently I worked on a project that had a model acting as a tree with the children acting as a list within the scope of the child's parent. The old school ActsAsTree and ActsAsList plugins used in combination, handle this scenario nicely. There was one problem however - we had a large "tree" to load in where only some of the children were ordered under their parent. The rest of the children had a NULL value sitting in the position column. Because ActsAsList works by setting "position = position + 1 WHERE position >= x" when insert_at(x) is called this wasn't going to work with the data as is. "NULL = NULL + 1" just doesn't seem to work out too well. I decided to pre-process the data putting the children in their natural position order. In this case the natural position order would be by the provided position with a secondary sort on short_name if the position was not given. Also, when a child list contains both numeric positions and NULLs the NULL children should go to the bottom. Given the number of rows I was processing I knew this was going to take some time so I decided to see how this would perform when implemented as a MySQL stored procedure. Here is the code I came up with shown in the migration that creates the stored proc:

And here is the rake task to call it:

The stored procedure took just over a minute to do the renumbering. After implementing I decided to compare this to a straight SQL version that would be portable to different databases - but not as fast. I tried to avoid an ActiveRecord tax here and did the SQL in raw execute statements. Here is the rake task:

The final results showed the stored procedure technique to be about 5 times faster than the SQL technique.

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