Monday, December 22, 2008

Send HTML to Javascript Functions from Rails Partials

Many Javascript libraries, such as ExtJS, allow you to pass HTML to functions. A good example of this is the Ext.Msg.alert call which accepts a a title and a message where the message string can have HTML markup in it to form the content of the alert popup. When this message is a large block of HTML, for example a large disclaimer that you have to stick up in the face of your customer, it becomes very awkward to include this HTML text in the same page that shows the popup. It bloats the page and mixes together what would be better edited by a "subject matter expert." What you really want to do is to put this disclaimer into its own partial but then you have to figure out how to render the string so that newlines and other content don't break the Javascript. How do you do that? Here are two ways that work:

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