Friday, April 18, 2008

backgroundrb Rails Notes

Just some things to watch out for when using backgroundrb with Rails:

1. Starting backgroundrb like this:

Does not mean that your application will be running in production mode. In other words, production here refers to the section in your backgroundrb.yml that will be used and will not, for example, cause rails to start with production database settings. For that to occur, your backgroundrb.yml setup needs to forward a Rails environment as follows:

2. This may be pretty obvious but:

Does not give you a new worker. It was giving me a worker so I just assumed it must be a new anonymous worker (that is one not identifiable by a job key). This tripped me up for a while until I figured out that when backgroundrb fires up it creates one instance of each worker and the above code will return a proxy to such an instance. Multiple long running method invocations on this single worker is of course going to end up result in blockage which is exactly what you are working to avoid with backgroundrb. So no, that syntax is not a shortcut to creating a new anonymous worker and you should instead use this:

And of course if you need to refer to that worker later to, for example, get a status update, you will have to create the worker with a job key so that you can grab a reference to it later:

3. The serialization / deserialization process that occurs when an argument is passed through drb may cause some unintended side effects. For example, a DateTime object that defaulted to displaying in UTC time before being passed through drb would display in local time after being passed through drb.

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  1. Hi David, thanks for this!

    I'm having a couple of problems getting backgrounDRB working on our server (it's fine locally), can you help?

    Problem A relates to your first point: my config file looks like this:

    But, when i start backgroundrb with this, on a server environment we call 'staging'

    sudo ./script/backgroundrb start -e staging

    then the settings in the 'staging' section of my config are ignored - i get the persistent_delay time of 5 seconds, ie the default. It doesn't take the value out of my 'staging' section.

    Problem B: running it on our server, with the above settings. It starts, and i can see it querying the database in our staging.log file. But, when i try and call it, from the console or from our app, then the call fails with "BackgrounDRb::NoServerAvailable: "

    Sorry for the massive post...if you or anyone else can help i'd be very grateful...or, feel free to redirect me to :)